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Activist Contracts


Sparkle is a money that fights income inequality by proportionally redistributing two percent of every transaction to each person in the economy.

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dETH is ether that has been irrevocably killed and removed from the economy. It is not just burned, it is dead. By using dETH, activists alter the economic laws of Ethereum.

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Reigning Emperor (当今皇上)

A new form of protest on the blockchain that covertly funds real activists in China.

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In Development


The perfect activist money built atop cDai.

Revolution Market

Funding activists by betting against tyrants.

About Us

Our Approach

PACT is an activist smart contract design firm founded by Micah White. Our goal is to release politically powerful smart contracts.

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We are hiring!

Work for PACT and earn a share of the income generated by our contracts. We are seeking Solidity developers and frontend developers. Work remotely. Change the world.

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